About Us

Why Hudson?


When your computer, Internet access, or network availability suddenly goes down, your world can be thrown into complete chaos!


Out of nowhere, you’re instantly filled with anxiety, nervousness and stress – something you don’t need when you’re just starting your work week or in the middle of a big project.


You took for granted that your tech would always work smoothly. Your computers, devices and services are advanced and expensive, you rely on them to do what they are supposed to, without any interruption, and you plan your business accordingly. Everyone knows that tech problems occur, but of course, you never expected that it would happen to you. And then… boom!


Well, Hudson Technology is your solution to the problem before it’s a problem.


We let you take the little things for granted by providing the secure solutions to ease your mind and provide the insurance, safety and planning in advance of any disruption. With Hudson Technology at the helm of your managed services, we will constantly monitor, test, and push the limits of your IT infrastructure, to make sure that everything is working properly and always prepared for any challenges. And when something does happen, our name will pop into your head first, and instead of anxiety or stress you will feel only relief knowing that the problem will be taken care of with the utmost care, speed and confidence. But Hudson Technology does much more than just solve problems – we create digital worlds where your company can safely exist and your projects can thrive.


The cloud is more than just a place to save your files, and Hudson Technology is on the cutting edge of all the new applications in this wonderful virtual space, and know exactly how it can used to help expand the efficiency and creativity of any business. Hudson Technology managed services and benefits can be supplied to any company, however, if one doesn’t have the IT experts on staff to take advantage of these services to the fullest, executive management consultants are available to collaborate with any company to create the best environment to present products and services to customers in the most valuable and up-to-date methods possible.