Support Portal Help

Getting Started


Below is a ‘Getting Started’ guide for accessing the portal and creating a ticket.


The new support portal allows you to:


  • Set the urgency of your request
  • Attach images or documents
  • Access a single interface for all your tickets
  • View ticket Statuses and assigned resources
  • Add anyone as a cc to the ticket communications


The registration and submittal processes are simple and convenient.


1. Navigate to (or click ‘Support Portal’ in the top right corner of this page) where a login page like the one below will be displayed.


using your corporate email address and then press Next.

2. You will be presented with two security options – Choose either a single-use emailed token or a more permanent password.


We recommend using the password option

to ensure you can access the portal in the event

you are unable to retrieve email. 


3. Once you have set your password and logged in, you will be presented with a page like the screenshot below. To review existing tickets, click Tickets in the menu on the left-hand side of the portal. To open a new ticket, click the green + New button. 



4. Click Submit a Ticket to see the available forms then fill out the various fields in the applicable form and click Submit to open your ticket. 



After submitting a support request through the portal, you will receive an email acknowledgement and will continue to receive emailed ticket updates. In order to realize all of the benefits of the portal, it’s best to visit the portal to make updates or add any communication to the ticket. However, if you prefer you can also reply to the email notification. For added convenience you can bookmark the portal webpage in your preferred browser on all your devices, or simply click ‘Support Portal’ from Hudson’s website.


By default, all users will only have access to see their own tickets. If you require access to all tickets in your organization (and are authorized accordingly), please create a new ticket with your request and select “Account Management” from the Service drop-down to have this setup.


As of January 16th 2023, sending an email to or directly to Hudson technical personnel will not create a ticket.


A change of this nature is likely to uncover challenges initially. Hudson has a live dispatcher during regular business hours, who will be monitoring ticket activity and urgency. Your patience is very much appreciated during this transitional period.If you have any questions or if you encounter any problems, please email


Or, Call our main line at 877-908-4040